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Executive Coach, TAB- Certified Facilitator, President TAB Northeast
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 267-225-8846
Mobile: 215-820-6510

Arik Hertz

Arik has been an Executive Consultant and Coach for the past 7 years, helping businesses owners achieve faster growth, higher profits, and fulfillment of personal visions.

Having graduated with a Masters in Electronic Engineering, Arik started his career as a project engineer before founding and successfully selling a number of businesses, and eventually moving into business management coaching.

Previously Arik worked with Red-C Optical Networks, helping the owners to sell the company for over $30M, teamed with Saifun Semiconductors management for an $800M IPO (NASDAQ: SFUN); He also teamed with partners of Tech Time to launch the company, sourcing venture capital to build a viable infrastructure and led the company to a successful IPO of $50M (TASE: TISQ).

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TAB-Certified Facilitator

Claire Brown Kohler

Claire Brown Kohler is a Certified Facilitator for The Alternative Board and a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach.  She brings over 25 years of business experience to help business owners grow their business, experience greater satisfaction and achieve new levels of success.  She has a wide variety of expertise, including operations, financial analysis, human resources, marketing, strategic planning and business development that has helped many business owners.    She has a proven track record of helping people create and achieve new goals and achievements.


For most of her career she was part of a small team who started, ran, and sold an award winning and profitable film business.  The company operated movie theaters, video stores and film festivals, and distributed films in the US and the UK. Starting her own coaching and consulting company, We Empower Leaders, in 2014 has given her even more insight into the latest trends and tools businesses are using to increase their productivity.

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Adam Wishkovsky

Adam Wishkovsky is a creative sales and marketing top executive with an extensive track record of driving market share and profit for both private and public companies. In 1994 Adam established Product Edge LLC as a Sales Management Services Company, providing services to companies seeking to enter to and/or gain market-share.

Recently, Adam jointed the management of the fast growing TAB Northeast in a Business Development & Consultant role.

In TAB Northeast, members get the benefits of practical real world actionable advice from their peers in a monthly structured board setting, as well as private monthly business coaching sessions at their office to work on strategies and plans.

Adam Wishkovsky has earned his BS in Management & Finance and MBA in Marketing and International Management from University of Buffalo (NY) and a BA in Social Studies & Labor Management from Tel Aviv University.

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