TAB Northeast: Executive Coaching and Leadership

Executive Coaching is designed to:


  • Discuss implementing strategies to move your business forward
  • Help prioritize your goals
  • Focus your business and align your company


During Your Monthly Coaching Sessions You will:


  • Receive confidence in the expert advice from your TAB Northeast certified coach.
  • Develop implementation strategies you will be held accountable to, to achieve your professional goals.
  • Enhance your strategic thinking, to improve time, task and performance management.
  • Acquire advanced tools for hiring and building effective teams.
  • Improve interpersonal communications and develop executive and


Executive Coaching for Managers:


  • Strong understanding of individual differences in a work place
  • Providing independent external view
  • Objective personal and professional advices
  • Work towards specific professional goal
  • Enhancing strategic thinking
  • Hiring and building an effective team
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Stress management
  • Performance management
  • Executive presence
  • Leadership
  • Task management
  • Accountability
  • Conflict Management
  • On-going support
  • Vision, SWOT, CSF’s (Critical Success Factors), Goals, Strategies, Commitments



The Alternative Board (TAB) Northeast is specialized in Executive Coaching meetings that provide innovative and proven solutions for businesses to become more productive and profitable. TAB Northeast certified coaches meet with business owners and other business leaders monthly in a trusted, candid and confidential setting. During the coaching sessions you and your TAB Coach will solve problems, discuss seasoned advice and provide results-driven strategic solutions to solve business challenges.




Arik Hertz Background:

Arik Hertz is working with The Alternative Board® (TAB), the world’s largest organization for Executive

Coaching, Advisory Groups and Business Consulting.

Arik has spent the last 7 years as an executive consultant and coach, helping business owners, Presidents,

VPs, Directors and Team Members achieve personal growth and increased productivity.

Previously Arik worked with Red-C, established their US and International operation and helped selling the

company for over $30M. He teamed with Saifun Semiconductors management for an $800M IPO, founded

Tech- Time and led it to a successful IPO of $50M.

Arik earned a Masters in Electronic Engineering from the Technion, and started his career as a project

engineer and later on he was advanced to management and ownership of companies. Having founded,

managed and sold a number of businesses himself, Arik knows what it takes to deal with stress, to manage

team effectively and to grow as a successful manager in companies, becoming more successful and fulfilled.