After spending the past 7 years as an executive consultant and coach, helping business owners and managers achieve faster growth, higher profit and increased productivity, I joined The Alternative Board (TAB) at the end of 2013 and started running TAB coaching and peer advisory groups in and around Philadelphia.

My original motivation for starting the TAB business was that I had worked with executives, managers and private business owners throughout my careers.  I have tremendous respect for what they do, I experienced the challenges that they are facing and also observed how managers could benefit from some really good independent and external view.

I had seen the value that Boards of Directors and Executive Coaching provide to larger businesses and believed that smaller businesses would also benefit substantially from objective advice. Only business owners and experienced managers can truly appreciate what other executives, managers and business owners are going through.

Having a strong understanding of individual differences in a work place is a great advantage to my members. We work towards specific professional goal, enhance strategic thinking, learn of hiring and building effective teams and gain accountability to our own goals.

During our coaching sessions we are working on interpersonal communication, stress management, performance management, leadership and executive presence, task management, conflict management. We focus on our vision and critical success factors.

TAB provides a model where I could leverage the experience that I have accumulated over my career and the passion that I have for the success of the managers to make a real difference in the companies. It felt like the perfect fit. Now that I have been operating TAB business I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Our members include the full spectrum of business areas, including manufacturing, high teach, professional services, distributers and retailers.

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